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We are highly skilled in the design and manufacturing of aluminium and steel boats for a variety of purposes. We build world-class crew boats, passenger launches, high speed patrol crafts, pilot boats, supply boats, survey boats and work boats. Our excellent yard facilities, waterfront location and our highly trained and experienced work force ensure that we are always able to deliver on our promised quality and on time.

Repair, Maintenance and Marine Engineering

We are specialists in providing repair and maintenance services for aluminium, steel and fibreglass vessels. Over the years, we have performed numerous repair, modification and conversion jobs for our clients. We are major contractors for the Police Coast Guard, the Immigration and Customs Authorities and other governmental authorities. Our control and emphasis on quality ensure that vessels leaving our yard are in top notch condition.

Our list of repair and maintenance services include:

  • Regular and overhaul maintenance for various types of ships.
  • Repair of damage vessels.
  • Aluminum and steel welding and fabrication works.
  • Maintenance and overhaul of engines and auxiliaries.
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